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Data Deletion

We're sorry to see you go.

As part of our continuing dedication to data security, customer privacy, and GDPR compliance, offers all customers the opportunity to request data deletion for any data associated with their account. Under Article 17 of the GDPR, data subjects have the right to request erasure of personal data if the data is no longer needed or consent has been withdrawn. Learn more about GDPR compliance.

What is the data deletion process?

Once data deletion is requested and account ownership is confirmed, the data deletion request enters our queue. Generally, the data is deleted within 14 calendar days of the initial request. During the deletion process data is securely purged from Plural's databases and servers. All related backup and log data will be deleted within 30 calendar days. Once data has been deleted it cannot be recovered. 

What happens to external data like calendar events?

The deletion process only removes the data from Plural's internal databases and servers. External data like calendar events in the user’s connected calendar will not be modified or deleted.

How can I request data deletion?

You can submit a data deletion request via email by clicking here or by sending an email to with the subject [request]Please include as much information as possible regarding which data you would like to be deleted. The request will be escalated to the proper team for evaluation and processing. We will reach out every step of the way to keep you updated on the deletion progress.

More information can be found in's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Note that it might take 1-14 business days to receive a response as we cater ideal support services.